Lingnan Forum on 27th March 2016

Conference Introduction

Lingnan Forum is co-sponsored by Sun Yat-sen University Lingnan (University) College and Caixin Media, which is the biggest and top macroeconomic and financial forum with widespread national influence. The forum focuses on the development trend of world economy and the process of Chinese economic development. The forum invites over a thousand leaders in political, business and academic fields to Guangdong Province, the forefront of the Chinese economic reform and economic transition, to deeply analyze major economic issues at home and abroad, such as economic transition, industrial upgrading, financial reform, and investment opportunities, etc. They jointly explore the way to reform the Chinese economy and make contributions to the  new wave of China’s economic growth.


Conference Synopsis

With the continuous global economic slump, China is making a difficult economic transition. Confidence and motivation is the safeguard of the stable economy in a long term. Confidence is the most important, assisting us to keep the steadiness of policy making and stabilize the investment expectation under the complicated and ever-changing environment. While the dated economic engine has been gradually waning, the new impetus needs further cultivation. From Demographic Dividend to Transformation Dividend, from Open Strategy 1.0 to Open Strategy 2.0, from emulation to independent innovation, China’s economy is under multiple challenges in the New Normal. How to increase the momentum to realize the leap of the system? Chinese economy is in urgent need of  collaborative support from all circles of the society to make progress.






Opening Speech

Xu Shaohua: Member of the Standing Committee, Executive Vice Governor of Guangdong Province

Luo Jun: President of Sun Yat-sen University

Yao Yudong: Financial Research Institute Director of People's Bank of China

Antony Leung Kam-chung: CEO of Hong Kong Nan Fung Group, Former Financial Secretary

Ding Jian: Managing Director of GSR Ventures

Wang Jun: Part-time Finance Professor of China Europe International Business School, Director of World Bank & CEIBS Launch Centre for Inclusive Finance


Keynote Speech

Xu Chenggang: Professor of Development Economics of Zhong Hande Foundation, Hong Kong University

Hu Shuli: Chief Director of Caixin Media

Wang Jingbo: Founder, Chairman of the board, and CEO of Noah Holdings

The Host: Zu Jiangtao, Associate Director of the Economic Channel, Guangdong Radio and Television station





Forum One: Open, Reform and Supervision

The CNY being included in the SDR currency basket symbolizes a new chapter of the CNY internationalization process. Meanwhile, the exchange rate fluctuations are unpredictable. With the internationalization of CNY, the development of offshore market and the exchange rate mechanism, how to pay attention to the interests of the whole and develop stably for a long time? How to build a market that meets the needs of modern financial regulatory framework, against the background of difficult supervision and discordance?

Ji Min: Financial Research Institute Director of People's Bank of China

Gao Jian: Former Director of China Development Bank

Lu Jun: Associate Dean and Finance Professor of Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University

Yang Xiaojun: CEO of Jiu Fu Group

The host: He Fan, chief economist of Caixin Media, tManaging Director of Caixin Think Tank, Director of Research Department


Forum Two: Industry 4.0 and Internet+

The fourth industrial revolution sweeps across the globe, and "Internet + Double Creations + Made in China 2025" will cultivate an industrial innovation in China, seeking economic transformation rebalancing. China's traditional manufacturing industry is planning a quality reform under the pressure and stimulation of innovation. How to reshape the "Craftsmanship" and implement the efficient transformation with high quality? With "Internet +" mode penetrating into all walks of life, business models as well as the science and technology changing quickly, how to grasp the real innovation?

Wen Jianjun: Director and President of Shenzhen Chuang Jie Supply Chain Co., LTD

Xiong Youjun: Associate General Manager and CTO of UBTECH Co., LTD

He Simo: President of East Group Co. , Ltd

Li Xiaoyong: CEO of Chinese Industrial Control Network

The host: Zhang Jianqi, Professor of Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University, Director of Strategic and Competitive Research Center




Liu Mingkang: President of Lingnan Forum, Honorary Dean of Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University, Former President of  China Banking Regulatory Commission


Closing Speech

Xu Xinzhong: Executive President of Lingnan Forum, Dean and Finance Professor of Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University


Date: 27th March 2016 (Saturday)

Address: Liang Qiuju Hall, Sun Yat-sen University, Guangzhou

Contact us: Conference advisory: Ms. Wei  010-85905116


Sponsoring Organizations

Sun Yat-sen University Lingnan (University) College,     Caixin Media



Chief Strategic Partners  Chief Brand Partners

                GAC Group,                                                           WANLI




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