The Orientation Ceremony of the New Master’s Program in International Management

An orientation ceremony for the Master’s Students in International Management was held in the University of Virginia on September 6th, 2016. The master’s program is jointly run by Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-san University (China), McIntire School of Commerce, University of Virginia (USA) and ESADE Business School (Spain).



Distinguished guests attending the ceremony included Prof. Xu Xinzhong, Dean of Lingnan (University) College, Prof. Carl Zeithaml, Dean of McIntire School of Commerce, Prof. Josep Franch, Dean of ESADE Business School, Dr. Zhang Yanmei, Associate Dean of Lingnan (University) College, Prof. Zhang Bin, Associate Dean of Lingnan, Ms. Xu Mingji, Executive Director of Graduate Program of Lingnan, Prof. Lynn Hamilton, Academic Director of McIntire School of Commerce, Mr. Danny Steeper, Assistant Dean of McIntire School of Commerce, Prof. Frank Wiengarten, Academic Director of ESADE Business School, and Ms. Olaya Garcia-Lanch, Director of Graduate Program of ESADE Business School. The ceremony was hosted by Prof. Trey Maxham, Associate Dean of McIntire School of Commerce. 59 new Master’s Students in International Management from 14 different countries participated in the ceremony.


During the opening ceremony, the three Deans of Lingnan College welcomed the 2016 freshmen by reviewing the goals and intent of the Master’s Program in International Management. They explained how the project is a major innovation in higher education on a global scale. High expectations for both graduates and educators are attached to this program, and the founders of this collaboration are eager to build it into one of the world's top international business programs. The Deans then expressed hope that the students would work to be deeply integrated in their communities and classes, enlightened by their studies, cooperative with both staff and students, and finally, that the students may eventually contribute to world peace and prosperity.


The week after the opening ceremony, the new students were given a comprehensive orientation of the curriculum, career development resources, IT help and troubleshooting, as well as a plethora of other necessary program information. They also participated in a series of program-related activities, such as mock global industry conferences, cross-cultural management seminars, thesis lectures and so on.



The students will first spend four months studying at the University of Virginia (USA), then attend Lingnan (University) College of Sun Yat-sen University (China) for two months of courses, and will finally spend the last four months of their studies in Barcelona at the ESADE Business School (Spain). During this time, Chinese students and international students alike will live and learn together. Learning to adapt to the differences in student’s cultural, language, political, and religious backgrounds is a key aspect of this program. After finishing their courses, students will have a comprehensive understanding of how business is operated in different regions; will experience the exchange and collision of different cultures; and finally, will learn authentic cross-cultural communication and cooperation.

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