Lingnan (University) College and Little Star Signed a Strategic Agreement

On the afternoon of September 28th, Lingnan (University) College, Sun Yat-sen University and Little Star signed the Talent Strategic Cooperation Agreement. Distinguished attendees included: Mr. Gao Feng, CEO and President of Little Star; Madam Long Yutao, Chief Personnel Officer; Madam Huang Yaqiong, Senior Human Resources Manager; Madam Hushan, Public Relations Manager; Ms. Zhang Yanmei, Associate Dean of Lingnan; Ms. Wei Xiaomei, Associate Director of the EDP Education Center; Mr. Li Zhiming, Associate Director of the MBA Education Center; and staff from the Public Relations Office and the Career Development Center.



Mr. Gao Feng, CEO and President of Little Star, introduced the founding and development history of Little Star, as well as its primary services, and stated that as an international enterprise, Little Star has always emphasized the recruitment and training of talented personnel. He hoped that the high quality teachers and excellent educational platform provided by Lingnan would assist Little Star in producing a greater number of talents within business enterprises as well as society-at-large. He also expressed his great wish that the cooperation between Lingnan College and Little Star could set a new model for university-enterprise cooperation.


During the ceremony, Ms. Zhang Yanmei, Associate Dean of Lingnan, indicated that Lingnan has always adhered to the principle of “Education for Service” and has aimed to produce  excellent talents with a spirit for the humanities and a global vision for society.  University-enterprise cooperation can make great contributions to societal development, and it is a creative path towards the reform of colleges and universities and the development of business enterprises. For Lingan, this cooperation will provide more practical opportunities for students, while for Little Star, it will provide a greater reserve of top talents from South China, the best business consulting services, as well as opportunities for business talents to pursue further education.



The signing of the Strategic Agreement signified that Lingnan (University) College and Little Star will develop a close and in-depth cooperation in terms of talent training, project research, training courses, commonwealth projects, and more.


After the signing ceremony, members from both sides held a heated discussion on how to further strengthen mutual cooperation and communication.

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