Students from M.S. in International Business Program Visited Renowned Companies in Shenzhen

For the past two months, students from the M.S. in International Business Program began their new course schedule. On February 15th 2017, led by Prof. Chen Honghui, 58 students from many different countries visited four famous enterprises in Shenzhen in order to further explore the current Chinese business environment.


Their first destination was China Vanke Co., Ltd. – the largest professional real estate developer in the world. Located near the ocean, the headquarters of Vanke is known for its environmental design as well as subtle elegance. Vanke has international interests and has been investing overseas and developing projects in Singapore, New York, and London since 2013. An officer from the strategy service department of Vanke shared the company’s history and marketing strategy, giving an account of how this local company grew into a global conglomerate.  



A Visit to China Vanke Co., Ltd.


Next, the students arrived at Shenzhen DJI Technology Co., Ltd., an enterprise which is at the forefront of the technological industry and has a large global influence. Founded in 2006, DJI is one of the top self-reliant researchers and manufacturers of unmanned aerial flying and camera stabilization systems. With the devotion and innovation of DJI, drones are now widely use in diverse fields such as agriculture, rescue, and urban planning. A variety of drones were being exhibited during Caroline Briggert’s, the executive officer of DJI’s Public Relations Service, presentation about the most recent drone and its features. The students were even able to see the aerial and camera capabilities of one of DJI’s drones through an interactive demonstration.



Students Learned about Drones at Shenzhen DJI Technology Co., Ltd (DJI)


The students’ visit to DJI was followed by a visit to Tencent, a company that has close ties with daily life in China. Although these visiting students were from different countries, they could all use Wechat to talk with friends from around the world and to share their life in Guangzhou. One of the staff members demonstrated Wechat’s major functions, including a wide range of users and services specifically designed for foreigners. Apart from Wechat and QQ, he also presented Tencent’s other valuable products such as Tencent Videos and Tencent Games. The head of Human Resources also exchanged his ideas with the students and shared the company’s recruitment plan and training for employees.



A Visit to Tencent


For the final stop, students came to China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd, a pioneer of the panel industry. Students received a tour of China Star’s latest products and production line. The head of Marketing presented on their approach to product innovation and their marketing strategy as well as how China could become a self-reliant researcher and developer of high-end display technology after Japan and Korea. The students were able to then discuss with leaders of China Star about the future development of TV, and what that means for the future of China Star and China itself.



A Visit to China Star Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd (CSOT)


Through this visit, the students gained a perspective of different corporate cultures and development patterns of local enterprises. Especially rewarding was the number of students who expressed desire to not only return to Shenzhen, but also to work and cooperate in this major business megacity.

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