Oxford and Yale Students Visit Lingnan for “Global Strategic Leadership Symposium 2017”

In January, 27 sophomores from SYSU’s Lingnan (University) College, visited either Yale University or Oxford University to participate in the “Global Strategic Leadership Symposium 2017.” From March 12th to 17th, Lingnan College hosted four students from Oxford’s St. Edmund Hall and 12 students from Yale Universityat the Guangzhou campus. The theme of this year’s symposium was, "Corporate Social Responsibilities in a Globalizing World." During this week, students from Oxford, Yale and Lingnan went sightseeing downtown, visited several companies in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and made excellentproject presentations to close out the annual event.


Guangzhou: Beginning


Lingnan’s Associate Dean, Ms. Zhang Yanmei, made a salutatory speech


On the morning of March 13th, Lingnan College held a welcome session for students from Oxford and Yale. During the session, Lingnan’s Associate Dean, Ms. Zhang Yanmei, made a salutatory speech, and Prof. Lin Jiang delivered a short lecture on the theme of Chinas Economic Hot Issues.” Prof. Wu Jintao and Assistant Prof. ZhengXin also attended the session to share their opinions about Chinas economy and to exchange ideas with students in a Q&A portion. After the cordial welcome, our visitors, accompanied by their Lingnan teammates, took a tour in the lush and lively south campus of Sun Yat-sen University. In the afternoon, they paid a visit to the famous tourist attraction Chen Clan Academyto have a closer look into Cantonese culture and art.


On the second day, Assistant Prof. Lin Daomi from Lingnans Management Department gave a lecture on Chinas Economic Models.” Students from Oxford and Yale were very attentive and had a lively discussion with Prof. Lin in order to understand more about Chinas economic development from different aspects.


The students enjoyed designing and creating their own paper-cutting


Later that day, the students attended the Chinese Folk Art Workshop to have a taste of Chinese culture and performing arts. The students enjoyed designing and creating their own paper-cutting as well as making unique Beijing Opera masks.


Visit Enterprises and Experience Innovation


The students enjoyed programming their own robots in MAKEBLOCK


On March 15th, a big group of students and faculty from Lingnan, Oxford, and Yale traveled to Shenzhen to visit enterprises such as DJI, Tencent, and MAKEBLOCK. They learned about the cutting-edge technology of UVAs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and robots and of the popular interpersonal communication applications QQ and WeChat. Students had the chance to observe different styles of corporate cultures and to share their insights on technology’s influence on life and corporate social responsibility with many corporate representatives. One Yale student concluded, The three companies we visited are a microcosm of Chinas high-tech industries. From the trip to Shenzhen, the students obtained more first-hand knowledge about Chinas high-tech and innovation industries.


The following day, students learned more about Chinas domestic corporations management patterns and the principles and policies of its corporate social responsibility practice from the office of CVTE. Furthermore, the students sat in on a lecture delivered by Danone-Chinas Sustainable Development Director, Ms. Gu Tao, who shared Danones efforts on corporate social responsibility practice. Mr. Bill Peng, the lead faculty memberof the Yale group said, The Global Leadership Program this year has made new and complimentary arrangements for us to visit local businesses and to have lectures on corporate social responsibility presented by executives from multinational enterprise, all based in Guangzhou.


The Final Presentation Contest and The Farewell Dinner


The Final Project Presentation Contest


On March 17th, The Final Project Presentation Contest of the Global Leadership Program was held in the Lingnan Hall. The nine groups consisted of students from Oxford and Yale and Lingnan all delivered inspiring and insightful presentations to close their team projects of this years theme. The panel of judges consisted of Prof. Robert Wilkins, Senior Tutor of St. Edmund Hall of Oxford University, Ms. Leslie Stone, Director of Yale-China Association, two Yale alumni, Mr. Anders Hsi and Mr. Nar Dao, and Lingnan’s Associate Dean, Ms. Zhang Yanmei. Lingnansforeign faculty, the four Yale Fellows also joined in the audience of the programs final presentations.


Alexander Posner, a student from Yale University, had a magic show


On the evening of March 17th, the last activity on the programs schedule was a farewell dinner taking place in the Multi-functional Hall of MBA building. Apart from the 43 students from home and abroad, the judges and Prof. Chen Honghui, Assistant Prof. Canice Kwan, and participants of previous Global Leadership Program were also joined. During the awards ceremony, Prof. Chen Honghui awarded Best Team Presentation to the team analyzing IKEA; Huang Weiping, a Lingnan student and team leader received the award. The award “Best Individual Presentation was awarded to two winners, Chen Yuanfang, a student from Lingnan College and Alexander Posner, a student from Yale University.


After the awards ceremony, students from the three universities displayed their talents on stage. The performances included dancing, singing, martial arts, and a magic show. All attendees had a wonderful time at the farewell dinner and will remember the evening, the program, and new friendships for a long time.


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