Seminar: Involving Drivers in Public Affair: Evidence from Reducing Traffic Violations in China

TopicInvolving Drivers in Public Affai: Evidence from Reducing Traffic Violations in China

SpeakerFangwen Lu(Associate Professor of The School of Economics, Renmin University of China)

Time14:30-16:00, May19, 2017

VenueIp Po-Ting Conference Room, Lingnan Hall




A randomized field experiment with 405,193 Chinese car owners shows the impact of involving people in public affairs. The police department sent cell phone messages to a random group of car owners asking them to recommend the best way to disseminate information about traffic law enforcement. Subsequently, these car owners were more likely to obey traffic rules than were others who only received a message about traffic enforcement or who did not receive a message. Both car owners who replied to the involvement request and those who did not reply were more likely to obey the traffic rules. Increased attention or knowledge cannot explain the effect. 


About the speaker

Lu Fangwen is the associate professor of the School of Economics at Renming University. Her current research is mainly about adapting random experiment to study hot issues in the areas of labor economics and development economics. Professor Lu received her PhD in Economics from UC Berkeley in 2011. Her researches have been published on Management Science, Journal of Development Economics, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Journal of Labor Economics, and Journal of Public Economics.




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