Prof. QI Jun: MBA=Morality,Beauty,Aggressive

Prof. QI Jun from Lingnan (University) College delivered a speech in the 2017 MBA Certificate Awarding Ceremony. 



Ladies and gentlemen,




You have done amazing works in this college. Today is your day. But today is not the most glorious day in your life. Your most glorious day will be in the future, because you will do great things for you and for everyone in the future, because you are Lingnan MBAs.


But what does MBA stand for? Marries but available? No, it is not true in Lingnan. Here I'd like to offer my interpretation of what MBA stand for in some another ways.


M stands for Morality. What you believe in determines who you are. Every Lingnan alumni remembers this: He or she will be as an Lingnanese for a whole life even if He or she had just been in Lingnan for one day. As what Lingnan’s motto tells “education for service”, we hope that Lingnan graduates will be business person with soul. So remember to do something for yourself, your family and your society.


B stands for Beauty. Smile is not only the most beautiful face in the world but also the strongest weapon in business jungle. So try to smile to others, it will change you and also the world will change for you.


A stands for aggressive. It has been 18 years since Lingnan began its IMBA program. There are many changes during the past 18 years. China has jumped to be the second largest economy in the world. And our MBA students sounds big echo in the business world. And also Lingnan alumni become a strong part of global business. We are going to see a lot of big changes in the future. Big data, AI, VR, mobile business, cloud business and other new business models or technology concepts appear frequently in the popular media. It is a great moment. It is also an era with great opportunity. You cannot miss it in the next big venture.


So here comes my suggestion. Follow your heart and take the risk. We cannot change the world but we can change ourselves. Life is some combination of choices. Be morality. Keep smiling. Be Aggressive. Then be successful and be happy.


Thank you!

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